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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Build Houses Save Money

CONSTRUCTION houses take a very large portion in the budget financing housing. For those of you who are

plans to build your own home, it is important to save on development costs. Because the house is not just talk

focuses on construction time only, but there are many other things that must be fulfilled afterwards.

Listen, some surefire ways to save on the cost of home construction. As quoted from page Ideinteriorrumah, Sunday  the following:

1. Size of the house

Make sure the size of your home is an even number or a multiple number of long materials. For steel, size three feet, six feet,

nine feet is the ideal number. For concrete, the meter is a multiple of four effective figures.

2. Form home

A sketch or a rectangular box that is much cheaper and efficient than the triangle or any other angle. In terms of building materials,

shape of the curve is usually quite a lot of material left.

3. Land home

Location also affects the cost structure and construction. Choosing a land with a fairly steep slope will increase the cost of flattening


4. Weather and climate conditions

Note also the shape and structure of the traditional home of local kosntruksi. Usually vernacular house has undergone a process of trial and error so that

obtain the most suitable design to the natural conditions that are cost-effective home onstruksi be had.

5. Human resources

If you want to build low-cost housing, find a reliable handyman or foreman. Especially when you do not have much time to watch

development. Maybe pay them a little more expensive, but the cost of construction so swollen.

6. Use of local materials

Another way to reduce the cost of housing construction is to use a simple but high quality building materials. Some material

local alternatives can be used, in addition to saving energy is also available lots around residential dwelling. Examples of local materials such as bamboo, stone

brick, wood and coconut wood.

7. Alternative materials

In addition to building materials in general, it was found that alternative materials technology more effectively. Materials such as cement mortar,

aerated concrete, paper, styrofoam, Fiber Cement, and containers.